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Kids Trail _Beverly
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flowing singletrack _Beverly
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trail rehabilitation _Middleton
the basement _Dubuque
wall rider _Bevelry
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modular obstacles _BSDF
DaVinci arch bridge _Beverly
tree crotch _Dubuque
curved boardwalk _Des Moines
groomed singletrack _Sac & Fox
trail rehabilitation _Mt
trails rehabilitationt _Mt
trail repairs _Mt
trail exit _Trashmore
rock armored trail _Dubuque
rock armored corner _Creekside
rock armorned climb _Creekside
rock stacking _Middleton
trail rehab rock armor _Middleton
tracked dumper
meadow tail _Middleton
drainage rehab  _Middleton
Trail School _North Iowa
log skinny texture
technical trail feature _Beverly
asphalt pumptrack _LaCrosse
custom sign _Fairway
custom wayfinding _Middleton
wayfinding decals
Sustainable Trails Conference
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enjoy dirt
BYT on vacation
dirty work _Beverly
FUN ahead
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trail work sign jump
trail work sign jump
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Professional, Sustainable Trail Planning, Design, Building, & More



Customized to our clients' specific needs and objectives. Additional options available, for more information on services not listed here, please Contact Us.

  • Consulting & Conceptual Design
    Consulting, education, training: Content tailored to the needs of the client and may include advocacy, trail building, trail riding, volunteer management, etc. Conceptual Design: Tangible reports in electronic format outlining possibilities for development in your community. May include maps, descriptions, cost opinions, and more.
  • Design: Detailed Plans & Corridor Preparation
    Detailed Plans: Plans for specific trail development which may include on-site measurements and markings, trail alignments, and descriptions. Corridor Preparation: On site vegetation management to prepare for project review and trail construction.
  • Procurement: Fundraising & Document Assistance
    Fundraising: Analysis, fundraising strategy, and grant writing assistance. Documents: Assistance with writing and evaluating agreements, contracts, permitting and other processes necessary for trail development.
  • Construction: Project Management & Trail Construction
    Project Management: Assistance and review with contractor qualifications, bid process, project advocacy, and project execution through to completion. Trail Construction: Machine and hand built trail, wayfinding development and installation, feature design and build.
  • Operations: Best Practices, Inventory & Assessment, Rehabilitation & Maintenance"
    Trail Use Best Practices: Management, promotion, events, and mapping. Trail Inventory and Assessment: Electronic reports which may include maps, ideas for improvements, promotion, use, and variety. Trail Rehabilitation and Maintenance: Improving existing trails and systems, maintenance of existing trails, developing connectivity between trail systems.


To help people transform their communities through the power of natural-surface trails.



Aboveboard trail experiences with character.


Trail experiences for everyone, everywhere.


Ecosystem of folks working together for trails.


20+ years of experience brought to your community.


Health benefits for the trail user & the community.


To be a primary resource for a regional movement of weaving natural-surface trails into the fabric of communities of all sizes.


Ken Barker

Ken Barker has been building and riding trails for decades and as a result gained vast experiential knowledge. His travels have taken him, along with friends and family, to first rate trails across North America, deepening his belief that quality trails are a conduit for outdoor appreciation and building community. Ken has a passion for the exceptional trail experience and understands the value this can bring to communities everywhere.


Ken’s professional experiences outside of trail development have been predominantly in the field of education, where innovation and collaboration are a must. During his 18 year tenure as an educator, Ken has led teams of teachers in designing and executing student-centered educational programming.


As a trail builder, Ken Barker has an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, noting that, “Building mountain bike trails is an art form. Trail concepts and design best practices are based in science, with new techniques continually evolving; however, the final result is truly a work of art. This merging of science and creativity contributes to unique and exciting trail experiences. I strongly believe these sorts of trails should be within striking distance of every home.”




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