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Blogging about blogging ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ever since web logs became a thing in the late nineties / early aughts I've thought about starting one, after all I have a lot to say about a lot of things. However, the only thing I've ever done with blogs is read and share them.

Work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value.

Why I never really started one? I'm uncertain, and it doesn't really matter. Now that I'm a small business owner, it makes sense that I get this ball rolling... in order to market Backyard Trails LLC's services via bringing content to this landing zone (web site) that I hope helps a lot of people bring awesome trail experiences to their communities -

There you have it, my very first blog post! Thanks for reading and stayed tuned for what I can only imagine will be a whole bunch of really cool and interesting words + media about trails in backyards (communities) everywhere.

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