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BYT's First Podcast 🎤

JustGoBike Podcast: The Dirt on Mt. Biking with Ken Barker of Backyard Trails LLC

My first podcast, what can I say? It's always a bit strange to hear your recorded voice from the outside vs. the inside. Regardless of how strange I may think I sound, it is fairly easy to discuss this thing I do as trails have been an integral part of my personal and professional life for a long time.

Speaking of me speaking... I will be talking more about Backyard Trails at the Iowa Bike Summit January 25th, more specifically about how trails can be developed and maintained similarly to other recreational facilities (i.e. ball fields, playgrounds, etc.)

I'll have a nifty presentation and of course time for Q&A. Many thanks to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition for inviting me to speak, even if I do think I sound a bit strange 😅

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